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Far from the mad crowds of the city, Blaise Pascal passed comment on the strange behaviour of this urban contemporaries in his Provincial Letters. The connection between them and this blog is somewhat tenuous.

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Posted @ 13:43Rob L's Guitar

Over Christmas, some low form of life broke into my friend's place and made off with — amongst other things — his guitar. Words fail me — at least words that are not profane and offensive to some. I will not dwell on the disgusting habits of the sort of people who would steal the prize possessions of someone who doesn't have very much to start with. Having suffered a similar invasion a couple of years ago, I feel for Rob.

The pictures on this post are of Rob's guitar. If you live in the Grimsby area and see someone with it, let me know (the e-mail address is at the top of the blog) and then let the person know what a scumbag they are.

If you are the scumbag who did this, then I hope you suffer a lot of pain in the near future. This guitar has been at the centre of Rob's life for the last 12 years, losing it is like losing a limb or a loved one.


Anonymous eaprez said...

ouch! so sorry to hear of your friends loss.
My home was broke inteao in the dead of night once while I was asleep. They didn't take much but I felt uneasy and vulnerable for months afterwards. I've been on my own since 17 and had never felt that way. Now, several years later I am still startled by noises - like the house creaking.

Tue Jan 09, 10:55:00 pm GMT 

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