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Far from the mad crowds of the city, Blaise Pascal passed comment on the strange behaviour of this urban contemporaries in his Provincial Letters. The connection between them and this blog is somewhat tenuous.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Posted @ 18:57Anonymous Comments

Recently, there have been a couple of anonymous comments (see "Headlines 2014 III" and "International News - Special Edition") to posts on this blog. These are really anonymous because the author hasn't bothered to sign their name, as most commentators do when posting comments uses the [Anonymous] option. These comments seem to be making some sort of anti-Darwinian, pro-Bush points (there's a remote possibility that the comments are intended to be humorous — for some strange value of "humour" — and I've missed the subtlety). It's not the opinions I object to so much as the cowardice of refusing to be identified (even so far as to be using an anonymous server — based in the US — with an IP address like 74.34.51.?).

I originally thought I'd threaten some sort of gratuitous censorship and henceforth ban all such posts (and delete them), but I really can't see the point: this would involve me making an effort. Quite honestly, I can't be bothered. Perhaps, if the author can be bothered to rectify the blatant anonymity, I will be bothered to indulge in a dialogue on the subject.


Blogger mark said...

I am not, as one might say, a proponent of anonymity, but I do always hope that the comments deriving from those nameless digi-beings are at least absurd enough to spark an interesting dialogue.

Sun Jan 21, 01:56:00 am GMT 
Blogger woja said...

Yes, one would hope they were interesting enough. But if you read the comments referred to, you'll find them a little — to say the least — incoherent.

Sun Jan 21, 02:34:00 am GMT 

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