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Far from the mad crowds of the city, Blaise Pascal passed comment on the strange behaviour of this urban contemporaries in his Provincial Letters. The connection between them and this blog is somewhat tenuous.

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Friday, June 24, 2005

Posted @ 11:10Occult News

Grimsby, UK 2005-06-24 11:10 BST


The world of occult musicianship was rocked by the news that the Lost Capo of Lowdon has been found. This object - often cited as one of the great mythological objects held in reverence by believers but dismissed as fantasy by many "scientific" obeservers - has since time immeroriable (two weeks ago last Tuesday) been regarded as one of the great prizes of occult archaeology. Its discovery will bring great hope to the many occult-inclined musicians in the Grimsby area as it is believed that this object had many magical and spiritual properties, such as:

  • Preventing guitar strings from breaking;
  • Helping performers to remember the words to Tim Paxton songs;
  • Turning obnoxious and abusive punters in Swigs into normal human beings.

The discoverer - only identified as Rob L from the Celtic fringe of these islands which begins with the letter S - says: "It's like the Holy Grail, only capo-shaped".

Whilst news of the discovery is welcome, only time (and documented proof of at least one miraculous event associated with the capo) will tell if this is the real thing or a clever forgery. Dan Brown, author of the best selling Da Vinci Code is claimed to have said: "Whatever. I'll get a book out of it".


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