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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Posted @ 00:01Jurassic Park is on the moon

It falls to everyone interested in the natural world to present their discoveries no matter how strange and unusual they may be. That they fall outside the accepted interpretations of the nature of the universe should not deter one from declaring them to the world at large. The scientific establishment is always wary and afraid of any theory which will upset their safe and hidebound hypotheses (and, of course, the vast edifice of lies which support their bloated egos). But we must not be afraid to be different nor to think the unthinkable. We should not fear the scientific establishment who are themselves so afraid of our theories that they haven't commented on them at all. Such refusals to comment are indicative of their denial any theory which contradicts their conspiracy of falsehood.

Dinosaurs come from the moon

It is well known that fossils are made of rocks and stone. The Moon is also made of rocks and stone. This cannot be a coincidence. Any number of ludicrous theories have been proposed to explain this remarkable observation, most of which revolve around the unsubstantiated conjecture that the Earth and the Moon share a common origin. It therefore follows that fossils (and, consequently, dinosaurs) must come from the Moon.

Dinosaurs were designed

Dinosaurs don't look like anything alive today except for pictures of great big lizards in children's picture books! It is impossible for anyone to imagine this happening by any other means than design by some intelligence. This could be a god but is more likely to be some alien intelligence which we can neither describe nor imagine since it is beyond our comprehension because it is able to design dinosaurs.

All governments are aware of the existence of these aliens and deliberately promote the flawed Theory of Evolution in order to keep their citizens from discovering the truth. This reinforces the fact that dinosaurs were designed. If it wasn't true then surely someone would have been able to disprove it by now.

Jurassic Park

The idea of a Jurassic Park has been presented as fiction in several films. What better way to hide the truth than to produce films about dinosaurs being bred in some sort of theme park? If anyone accidentally stumbles across the truth (as I have) then it can be laughed off as some nutter taking some fantasy literally. I have no doubt that such arguments will be used against me.

Since the Apollo Moon landings were faked (they must be because so many people have tried to disprove it), we have to ask: "Why?". The only logical explanation is that NASA was afraid of the dinosaurs which live there. These dinosaurs must have escaped from Jurassic Park. In is therefore inescapable that Jurassic Park must be on the Moon.

Planet X & Comets

The aliens who designed and created the dinosaurs must have come from somewhere and the only logical place is the hidden Planet X which has been consistently asserted by many respected commentators and has been consistently, but inconclusively, denied by the scientific establishment. It follows that comets must be the spacecraft by which these aliens transported their creations from Planet X to the Moon. The staggering lack of serious and comprehensive comment on this issue (and the lack of published evidence to the contrary) only reinforces these observations.

We can only speculate (but such speculation may yet prove correct) that the asteroids are remnants of a planet or moon these aliens previously seeded with dinosaurs. These dinosaurs proceeded to develop weapons capable of destroying the planet (or moon) and promptly used them, possibly as a result of an invasion by Scientologists from Venus.


Many people will find these discoveries uncomfortable, others may find them simply preposterous. But, I ask, where is the evidence to the contrary? I am sure those in the pay of the hidden cartel of Masons, Capitalists, Zionists and Marxists which run this planet will concoct some sort defence but that will not stop the truth getting out.

Is this better?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well there goes my theory on dinosaurs being made of green cheese...

Sun Nov 12, 09:25:00 pm GMT 
Blogger woja said...

It could be fossilised green cheese!

Mon Nov 13, 04:42:00 pm GMT 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would explain why everyone was petrified of them...

Mon Nov 13, 11:19:00 pm GMT 
Blogger woja said...

Petrified cheese is just a solid expression of milk in its most refined...

Tue Nov 14, 05:31:00 am GMT 

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