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Far from the mad crowds of the city, Blaise Pascal passed comment on the strange behaviour of this urban contemporaries in his Provincial Letters. The connection between them and this blog is somewhat tenuous.

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Posted @ 01:15What the world needs now

It seems to me that any sentence beginning with the words "it seems to me" is almost certainly going to express some unreasoned bigotry (this assumes there is such a thing as reasoned bigotry). All I really want for the world is for people to stop saying (in that cute, self-effacing, tiny little voice) "all I really want for the world". The trouble with politicians is that they are just like the rest of us and complain about the trouble with politicians. It's just common sense that any statement starting with "it's just common sense" almost certainly doesn't possess either of those qualities. Which brings me, neatly, to the subject of pavements (or, as they are known everywhere else in the world except the USA, pavements).

Pavements have for too long gone unrecognised in our society, forced to the borders of social recognition, deemed only fit for pedestrians. Downtrodden and ignored they are the true underclass of our nation.

Sorry about this. I'll try and produce something better tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that pavements a merely routes for pedestrian traffic in most places, but we shouldn't overlook the fact that in Grimsby they are multi-functional:
Pedestrian route
Cycle route
Boxing ring
Drug store
Above all, they are a convenient means of keeping traffic out of the front garden. Most of the time...

Sat Nov 11, 08:23:00 am GMT 

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